Saturday, March 25, 2006

Belly Dancing, Bubbles and Women Gone Wine

Saturday I attended "Belly Dancing and Bubbles," the inaugural event of Women Gone Wine, a non-profit dedicated to raising money for local women's charities. They plan on having monthly activities, and, if the first event was any indication of following events, it is bound to be great fun for great causes!
I've never taken a belly dancing lesson before so it was all new to me, but I think I held my own. To get us in the mood, we pretended to be bubbling like a glass of champagne in honor of the sparkling wines we were enjoying! We then learned how to make snake arms and fire arms (this is how you mesmerize your men prey and get them to follow your every command - ha!) and we learned how to shimmy with our shoulders and to circle and twist our hips. One of the instructors even performed a dance with a sword balanced on its edge on top of her head! All of the belly dancing was really cool, and I like how, for this, it is actually better not to be skinny!
In addition to all the belly dancing, we also tried many varieties of sparkling wine (the founder is part owner of Cork & Co.
, a new wine bar on Congress Ave) and a whole host of decadent delights, including Bella Blackberry truffles and Chipotle Tequila truffles from Fat Turkey Chocolate, walnut and rose essence brownies and walnut and ginger brownies from Mary Louise Butters Brownies, amazing Almond-Pecan Florentines from Expressions Fine Chocolate, and ice cream from Ben & Jerry's Lifeworks.
Women Gone Wine is looking to bring in more members, and, outside of Austin, they are franchising the group. I wish them all the best! With a name and logo like that, there can't be anything but success ahead!


El Jefe Maximo said...

That's serious exercise. I bet by the time you were done you wanted water more than wine (although a glass or three of the latter has never been a bad thign !)

justcarl said...

I bet you can't wait until May when they do the chocolate making, huh? :)