Saturday, March 10, 2007

Austin Under 40 Awards - 2007

The Austin Under 40 Awards were held last night at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. I was a finalist in the Arts and Entertainment category.

It was such a great night, and I still find it hard to believe they honored me with inclusion in such a stellar group. I mean that - really.

Being included gives me motivation to work even harder toward all I want to accomplish; I'd like to prove that their choice to include me - twice now - has been the right one.

After the dinner and ceremony, Au40 hosted an after party downtown, where I got to DANCE! (You know how I love to dance!!) I had a great time! Let's just say I woke up this morning singing, "My Girl Wants to Party All the Time, Party All the Time, Party All the Time!!!"

Seriously! : )

(Pardon the "fan effects" in the first picture.)


El Jefe Maximo said...

Congratulations ! Such an honor to be included in something like that.

And such a spiff picture too. . .Quelle belle Mademoiselle !

yianni said...

2nd El Jefe's remark about the pictures. Que Bella

"My Girl Wants to Party All The Time"? OMG, Scary that someone else in this world would know this song, let alone know ANY of the words!!

queenofsky said...

Great pics, girl! I would love to see the full dress!

Congrats again!

-Ellen aka Q of S

Candidly Caroline said...

Thank you! (I wish I had a picture of the full dress; not many pictures were taken that night.)

It was my honor to be included, believe me!

I don't know where that song came from - they didn't play it that night - but that's what I woke up singing. Hey, I'll go with it! :)