Monday, March 19, 2007

How Things Change

I guess I was a little naïve when I thought I would get to do nothing but write at the end of last week. In between then and now:

1.) Two 21-year-old spring breakers crashed my house for three nights. An example of how this went: I came home one night to three of them (yes, they multiply) lying on my bed watching Borat. When it was over, at 2 a.m., they all went out - for food. I heard the last door shut at 6 a.m. That kind of stuff seems like a decade ago. Oh, wait ...
2.) Although I’d planned to skip the festival, I went to several SXSW concerts. They were fun, but at a night one, I fell down an uncovered utility hole while walking across the Palmer Events Center grounds. (I called the City.) I was extremely lucky not to break my foot or leg. As it is, I have horrible looking scrapes on my ankle bone and a lovely blue and purple bruise spreading over the top and side of my foot. It’s gruesome looking and doesn’t feel too good, either. I have to go get a tetanus shot. Ew.
3.) St. Patrick’s Day!
I hope you all had an awesome St. Patrick's Day! I wore my "Everyone Loves an Irish Girl" shirt, of course. My dad, adding an accent, told me an awesome Irish saying: “May you be in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead!” I love it!

(Rest assured, I did get some writing done this past week - it just wasn't the write-a-thon I envisioned.)


El Jefe Maximo said...

I have been known to use that toast on occasions. With some people I give them an hour.

yianni said...

Took me some time to figure out what the SXSW festival was. After watching the Tonight Show piece tonight, I can understand what kind of mayhem and fun this must've been.

I'm curious to know who the spring-breakers were that crashed your place.

Candidly Caroline said...

It was my sister and her friend. My sister moved away for college but came back here for a few days over Spring Break.