Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sunny Sweeney - Best in Texas Music Magazine

For this month's Best in Texas Music Magazine, I wrote a story on East Texas native Sunny Sweeney, who, while fairly new to the music scene, is making quite an impression. She is somewhat known for her Texas twang, although it comes out stronger when she sings than when she talks. (Or maybe I'm just pretty used to hearing accents.)
People never really have commented much about me having an accent, but I kind of like the thought of having a little bit of one. I imagine when I go beyond Texas, subconsciously I let it out a little more - just in case people might forget I'm a Texas girl!

The article can be read here, through March 2007 only.


El Jefe Maximo said...

When I spent some time in the Northeast in the 1980's (New York, CT, DC), my accent got a lot of comments: my Dad was living and working up there -- and his got comments also, although his is more Tennessee than Texas. I may have emphasized mine just a little bit -- no offense to folks from that part of the world, but from the moment I arrived in that place, I wanted to get back to Texas, and did so as fast as I could work it.

yianni said...

I heard you do a radio interview a while back and was surprised that you DIDN'T have an accent. You get brainwashed into thinking that most people from outside the Northeast to either be all 'sun-baked-in-the-brain" like in CA or people with thick southern accents.
So there you have an impression from a 'Noath-ees-turn-er'