Thursday, March 22, 2007

Internet Safety - Texas Family Magazine

* The Child Sex Crimes Detective I interviewed just read the article and told me that my treatment of kids and Internet safety is the best he has seen. I am pleased. I try very hard to get the right kind of information to parents.
The new issue of Texas Family Magazine is on newsstands now. In this one, I tackle Internet Safety and Kids. There have been many, many stories published on Internet Safety, but I felt none of them had delved deeply enough in to the topic and, instead, had just managed to scare parents out of their wits. Parents freaking out and not letting kids use the Internet is not the answer so I tried to bring some common sense to the frenzy.
My main focus is on parent interaction - this is the key. I also talk about MMORPGs - massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. When you're talking about Internet predators, most parents think MySpace, but this seems to be the next evolution. From chat to MySpace to MMORPGs ...
Special thanks to MDK, gamer extraordinaire, for assisting me with technical issues!


El Jefe Maximo said...

Definitely a good subject to write on, and one of big interest to me lately. My 5th grader has discovered the internet of late and it gives me the heebie-jeebies. We really watch...but wonder what tricks we're missing.

MMORPG ? Wasn't he the Son of Godzilla who wrecked Osaka ?

Jenna said...

I love Texas Family Magazine and I still have this issue from years ago. I am a single mother living in a small town outside of Ft. Worth and Texas Family Magazine's articles are very helpful to me.

Unfortunately, we don't get the magazine in our local grocery store anymore, so I try to look for it whenever we go to the city. Is there a way to order a subscription of Texas Family Magazine online?

Candidly Caroline said...

Jenna - I am not sure of the status of the magazine. I have not been affiliated with them for some time. But, I am glad you took enjoyment out of the articles!