Monday, March 26, 2007

Show Me Your Feathers

This weekend I went to the Salt Lick, an awesome barbecue restaurant outside of Austin. It's one of those casual, down home barbecue joints that shows how barbecue should be done. People come from all over to have their barbecue and to listen to live music at this huge compound out in the country.

We've started an interesting tradition when we visit. On the way back, we always stop at Barsana Dham, an Indian temple, to walk off some of our meal. During the summer, I always visit for the pick your own peaches, but this time of year, it's nice to just walk the grounds and see the ponds and peacocks. The male peacocks were out in full force this weekend, but the females kept running away from them! This particular peacock was quite vocal, but he never spread his feathers for us. Someone commented how it was interesting that in peacock-world, it's the males who do the primping for the ladies.


yianni said...

What's REALLY interesting is that, in the most other species of animals, the male is the more colorful and primped. The female is more subdued and neutral. Homosapiens are kind-of the exception. The reason, I've heard, is that this allows them camouflage from predators and protection for the children.

Amazing how nature works.....

El Jefe Maximo said...

Back in law school days, I lived in my Dad's garage apartment, over the fence and around the block from Vargo's restaurant in Houston. Vargos was known for peacocks, and just occasionally, a Vargos peacock would wander off the reservation and wind up in the swimming pool !

Vargos is still around, although Dad has since changed houses. Haven't been back to Vargos, so I don't know if they've got peacocks still, but that was a trip.

I think that most males would deny engaging in preening, but there is no question that they do.