Thursday, September 08, 2005


I think I figured out where I caught this bug from ... Before everyone at the shelter had been able to shower, I saw three little boys playing. I went over to say hi and thought they were really cute - they were getting a big kick out of making the manual air pump for their air mattress blow out air. They were holding it up to each other's cheeks and just laughing away at how it felt. ("Now me! Now me!")
While I was talking with them, all of the sudden this tiny body comes hurtling at me from the side and lands on my back! I was squatting down and so I'm going whoa!whoa! just to keep my balance. Then, another body comes hurtling at me from behind! They are just laughing and giggling and having a grand old time holding on tight to my back and arms while I'm scrambling not to totally bust my behind on the concrete. I don't think I could have gotten them off if I'd wanted to, and they just thought it was totally hilarious to be flying on my back so I let them be. I did finally fall on my behind, of course, and was shortly thereafter rescued ... That was body and body on body contact, though, and was probably what did it. Oh well, it made them happy!

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