Monday, September 26, 2005

Damage Update

Well, my aunts and uncles' homes are all okay. It's looking not so good for my godmother and my aunt's in-laws.
My godmother lives in Orange, which I hear was THE hardest hit city in Texas. She has no word on her home and can not go back to the area any time soon to find out about it.
I lived in Orange briefly as a child in the home my mother grew up in; all we know about that house is that the area near it was hit very hard. I still love that house. As a child, I thought it was just the neatest house ever because it had TWO staircases! There was also a big covered front porch where I would play every day. I hope that it is ok, and I hope the neighbors (who are still friends with my family) are all okay, too. We actually still know an awful lot of people there; we just don't know any news yet because no one can get to their homes yet!

My aunt's in-laws are anticipating very heavy damage. They live in Port Arthur. My uncle and his father are going to bring down chainsaws and just start walking at the freeway, using the chainsaws to make their way to the house - hopefully. Gosh, that would suck so bad! I really feel for them!
As far as travel back, for those who have been allowed to go back at this point, I hear it went smoothly.

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