Sunday, September 11, 2005

Funny 80-year-old Man

I met a man who I would describe as nothing less than a "hoot" at the shelter yesterday. He is 80 and totally adorable. He was wearing an "Easy Come, Easy Go" hat as he sat in his wheelchair. He said they had been injecting him with steroids for some kind of problem he was having, and that he liked it because he was going to be able to beat the big guy across from him in football. ;) He asked if I was married, and when I told him no, he gave me some unusual advice: He said I needed to find a man with stability, who had a little money in the bank and a house, maybe a man who was older than me. He said I shouldn't get all caught up in the "love" thing. I told him I would take it under consideration. :) Oh, and he also told me that back in New Orleans he would sleep with a shotgun next to him in bed because he wasn't going to let anyone mess with him. Scary, but go cute old man anyway!

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berly02 said...

I think you should find a man who is actually good enough for you. You really deserve all that you may want.