Monday, September 19, 2005


Now, we have Tropical Storm Rita making its way in to the Gulf. There has been some concern about it possibly making its way to New Orleans, but I think another scenario deserves some concern - Rita making landfall near Houston, where tens of thousands of evacuees are staying.
I wrote an article last week on the psychological impact Katrina will have
down the road on kids. In it, my source said things as simple as thunder or rain could be triggers for children. (We didn't even discuss how much of a trigger an outright hurricane would be.) To me, it seems that facing a hurricane this soon might seem to kids as though the hurricane was following them and out to get them. A hurricane in Houston could do far more damage emotionally - to kids and parents - than has been done already because it would occur just as they were starting to feel safe and in charge of their lives again. They may begin to wonder if they ever really will be safe.
It's too early to know what Rita will do, but hopefully, school counselors and such will keep an eye on the situation and prepare the kids for it the best they can should it hit either New Orleans or Houston.

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