Thursday, September 22, 2005


What a surreal day! People are running around all over town preparing for a hurricane! Do you know what it is like to walk in to your neighborhood grocery store and not be able to buy a loaf of bread?? You know how you watch reports on TV saying supplies are out, and you go, Oh. Hmm. Click. ?? Well, I was the person in that report today. I went to Sam's and Randall's - no water. My roommate went to another Randall's, Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreen's - no bread or water. It almost makes you wonder if you should be panicking.
I went ahead and bought gas. I was just going to get a little bit, but then when I realized there was a line and that some of the pumps were already out of gas, I went ahead and filled up - after waiting 20 minutes, of course. ;)
* Update on my aunt: My uncle found her, and 24 hours after evacuating they are all at my parents' house - SLEEPING! No word on my godmother yet. She is still unreachable (the phone lines are still jammed.) She lives in Orange, which is essentially where Port Arthur and Beaumont are - you know, where Rita is expected to hit now.
Summary of displaced relatives: two sets of aunts and uncles with their kids, my sisters' friend and sisters' mom, and my aunt's in-laws. All of them are staying at what I call our "compound." (My parents live next door to my grandparents, and then my aunt and uncle and their five kids live across the street.) So far my grandma in Houston is staying put, as are numerous aunts and uncles there. And then, my MIA godmother.

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