Friday, October 14, 2005

Busy, Busy

Usually I don't do a whole lot during the week socially because it's just too hard to fit it in, but since 'tis the season (or the beginning of it at least), there have been a lot more events to attend.
Earlier this week, I went to a Happy Hour that the Young Adult Group at a church I go to (St. John Neumann) held at the Ginger Man on 4th. I haven't been there since college, I realized. I don't drink beer so the 3 gazillion choices of beer aren't a draw for me. Anyway, I had a Coke, one of those cute little glass bottles that you never see anymore, and we played darts. I pretty much suck. On another note, I also volunteered at their church festival a couple of weeks ago. I was the "Lollipop Pull" Girl.
Last night I went to the Young Men's Business League Fall Fling held at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. It was a benefit for Austin Sunshine Camps and a pretty good crowd. I am going to look in to joining the Young Women's Alliance, which I believe is their sister organization. I think they have a lot of events together. They have some kind of an "Austin Under 40" Awards Banquet in the Spring. I'm sure I'll be up for consideration. ;)

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