Saturday, October 15, 2005

Particularly Painful

* Here are some pics from the Mediterranean Festival. I met up with Prabhakar and his very nice friend Billie and Ellen. And, look who we ran in to -- Vin Diesel!! ;)

Today ended up becoming a particularly painful day. It started out well enough - I was really excited because I had borrowed a hedger and was going to go crazy with it in my jungle of a backyard.
Part way through it, though, I got stung by a bee on my right palm. It hurt like hell, and the pain spread in a line all the way down my forearm to my inside elbow. My right hand is now swollen and red and splotchy.
I made myself keep going and finally quit hedging after about two hours and 15 minutes. Then, I came inside and realized upon getting in to the shower that my back was sunburned - I had a sports bra emblazoned on my back. After my shower, I felt really tired all of the sudden so I decided to take a nap. The last thing I dreamt before I woke up was that I couldn't move my arms. Then, I woke up and realized I couldn't move my arms. Literally. Well, almost. They were so sore from holding the hedger for over two hours that I couldn't move them, particularly my left one, which hurt all the way deep inside, deeper than the kind of sore you get from working out too hard. It hurt(s) so so so bad! All day I've been holding my arm like it's broken.
I went to a Mediterranean festival this evening and had to have someone else zip my purse for me, which I couldn't even hold with my left arm! * All night I have been balancing not using my left arm with not using my right hand because of the bee sting!!
We'll see how it is in the morning when my sunburn will be set in enough to start hurting!
Anyway, after the festival, we went to Mozart's for dessert. I got a piece of dark chocolate cake that was disappointing. It tasted store bought. One thing I know is my chocolate, and that cake made me pine for a piece of my mom's chocolate torte. Big sigh ...

Well, now I'm watching the Saturday Night Solution on Court TV so I'm happy. :)



CAROLINE YOU ARE SO DAMN INSPIRATIONAL... i mean... HOW CAN ONE MAKE IT THROUGH AN AFTERNOON OF GARDENING AFTER BEING STUNG? ONLY YOU, CAROLINE YOU AMAZINGLY STRONG WOMEN, YOU. i now know, for sure, that i, your younger sister Mary, can now get through anything difficult that life has set in my path. you are one word my amazing sister Caroline: AMAZING

Candidly Caroline said...

Don't I have a wonderful, caring, amazingly empathetic sister? She's my favorite sister in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!

Alan said...

Yes, I too can feel the love in here. :)