Thursday, October 27, 2005

Too Bad, Harriet Miers

I don't understand this whole Harriet Miers thing. Why weren't conservatives happy with her? It seems she is Pro-Life, and I think it is pretty clear her thinking is in line with Bush's. It is unfortunate that she was put under pressure by those in the political arena to withdraw her nomination. She hadn't even gone through the hearings yet!! How is that a fair shot??
The inexperience argument to me holds no merit. Anyone with a good understanding of the law and a fair mind able to weigh and ration both sides of an argument could make a good Justice, and I see no reason why she wouldn't fall in that category.
I will make this one (additional) comment, though. When Bush announced her as his choice, he did look rather uncomfortable, like he had sold someone out or shortchanged someone. Maybe now he will revert to who he really wanted, which is presumably a clear-cut conservative. Of course, that means we are surely up for a big fight.

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