Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Interesting Day

1. To the guy who mooned me as I drove past Mr. Gatti's: You are so freaking lucky I didn't have a camera with me. Your ass would be soooo displayed for all the world to see right now.
2. I bathed and cut the hair off the rear of a cat who isn't even mine (very long story with a very funny looking result.)

3. I spent the afternoon with a dog who is a regular patron at a local bank.

4. A young girl I know has a black eye that she received at home, and I found out how to file a claim with Child Protective Services.

Perhaps when I tell people I have an uneventful life, it is all just relatively speaking.


Emma said...

If all anybody saw was that guy's bum, why would he care if it was posted on the web?

Candidly Caroline said...

I never said it was JUST his "bum" that would be in the photograph.