Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lance Armstrong Party with Sheryl Crow

I went to the Lance Armstrong Congratulatory Party this Sunday. His fiancee Sheryl Crow played a concert at the end (which actually, was the only part I was there for.) Anyway, it was pretty cool. Lance proclaimed Austin the "greatest city in the world" and gave the mayor a big plaque saying as much and also a signed yellow jersey for the city to display.
It was funny because when Sheryl Crow was playing, Lance's daughter kept coming out on to the stage. She would just run out there randomly and stare at the crowd. Then, sometimes she would dance. Sheryl Crow went along with it really well and invited the other kids, including spectator kids, to come up on the stage, also. She said something to the effect of, "In the old days, we used to bring a keg and bring a bong. Now we're all family friendly."
I think she might not have realized there were still plenty of people living the good old days. The "Keeping Austin Weird" crowd was out in full effect. There was a guy behind me smoking his bong and parents in front of me letting their little (but not so little) girl run around without a top on.
If you haven't figured it out from previous blogs, I have always thought that purposely trying to be weird is kind of ... weird. But maybe that's why I don't really fit in to this town.

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