Saturday, December 17, 2005

Back UP!

I'm having trouble finding the right analogy, but I feel like I've been saying, "Stop!" "Start!" all weekend! My Podcast is all the way available. Please listen and encourage your friends to listen, also. And, my site, too, is fully functional so stay a while and have some fun!
Although it was no fault of his own, Steven apologizes very nicely here.


justcarl said...


I don't know if there's a file upload size limit to blogger, but maybe you can get permission from Steven to post the mp3 file on your site. Upload like you would one of your pics, perhaps. Just a thought.

Candidly Caroline said...

I'll ask him.
The problem isn't on his site; it's on a third party site - just FYI. Still, I think he owes me another little post after all this is fixed, wouldn't you say? ;)

RiskyBzns said...

It's almost always those darn 3rd party host. :-)

El Fenix said...


I've got a lot of ready analogies that I could employ regarding Typepad's outage, but most are better suited for the barnyard, not public discourse! On a happier note, please feel free to host our interview on your blog, as well. That way if Typepad goes down again, we'll have a safe copy of it hosted over on Blogger. I apologize to you and your many fans for all the inconvenience!

-Steven Phenix

El Jefe Maximo said...

Was staggered in your talk when you mentioned the 46/130 or so 8th grade girls you worked with telling you they were dealing with anarexia issues, or cutting.

What's up what that ? Wonder what you think ? I have a reason for asking...somebody very important to me, long ago, started cutting. I have never, ever been able to fathom that.

The number you quote is just incredible. One of the richest countries on Earth. I assume the men are as messed up (I know that's true). What's up with that ?

Candidly Caroline said...

A lot of the people who cut or self injure are doing it because they have difficulty handling their emotions. Cutting gives them a sort of release from their anger or their stress or their fears. To complicate matters, there seems to be a chemical reaction similar to heroin that is released during cutting, which can make it addictive and which can cause self injurers to need to cut more and deeper. They will find all sorts of locations on their bodies to cut so as not to be found out.
With what I have seen personally, I think many girls do not have a good sense of self. They don't know how to be themselves and instead rely on others to define them. This, obviously, can lead to major inner conflicts.
This problem is truly horrendous and is why I really would like to be able to start a publication for teen girls that helps them come in to themselves in a healthy way, that gives them a realistic picture of what teen life is about and that isn't afraid to discuss issues like this - instead of sugar coating it and then changing the topic to the newest craze in lip gloss.
I also have witnessed self injury in boys. I don't know as much about boys, but I hope someone will take as much interest in them as I hope to be able to take with the girls.
I will forward you some of the articles I wrote with some more detailed information.