Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Trail of Lights

A group of us went to the Trail of Lights recently. The lights were soooo pretty - I loved it, especially the beginning tunnel o' lights, which makes you feel all dizzy and giddy inside!

Here are a few from our group - Rob, me,
Ellen, and April ... and greetings to Ly and Prabhakar, who were also there!

A really, really cool tree! (Can you imagine the time that must have gone in to wrapping those lights around every single branch all the way to the end?)

And a neat effects picture taken by NYC Rob, who has found himself all the way down in little ol' Austin in big ol' Texas. In no time, we'll have him wearing cowboy boots, two-stepping like a pro, and saying things like, "Howdy, y'all!"

I am so glad to be getting in to the Christmas spirit - and in my Santa hat, too! There has been so much work lately, and I still have half of my Christmas shopping left to do Thursday! Wish me luck finishing my work tonight!


Newsandseduction said...

wish you luck!

strawblondy said...

What a great picture of you in your santa hat! Too bad you cannot wear that more often.

Josie said...

My son performed at the Trail of Lights last week with the choir. It was our first time there and we had a blast. Got caught up in the spectacle and almost missed the bus back to the school.