Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Parties

There have been so many holiday parties lately!

Here are some pictures from the "Free, Young, and Sexy" Party, including a bachelor and bachelorette who strutted their stuff on stage for the sake of charity. All proceeds from the bachelor and bachelorette auction went to Austin's Bikes for Kids program. These two did a fine effort of getting the crowd to pay and pay for an opportunity to go on a date with them!

And, Happy Birthday to my friend


Queen of Sky said...

Thanks for the red-eye redux.

RiskyBzns said...

Once again Caroline, thanks for sharing. You are one beautiful lady. Hope you and everyone else enjoyed the party!!

Candidly Caroline said...

Thanks, RiskyBzns!
We did! It was a lot of fun! And all for a great cause!

estarz said...

Such beautiful women. I have wanted to tell QoS that I love all her pix but I gotta register on her I will say it through yours! 8-))


PS = I dig your blog also!