Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lookout, world! - Here I come!

My voice is about to be broadcast for anyone, anywhere in the world. Crazy, no? The reason why this will be happening is I have been asked to give a personal interview for the Armadillo Podcast, a weekly show about Austin that has featured such characters as Kinky Friedman. The fellow with the Podcast wants to speak to me about being a writer and communicator and also has mentioned that he wants to get my perspective on being single in Austin - Oh my, does he know what he is getting in to??
I'll let you know when I'm set to air. It may be a bit because he wants to promote me a couple of times first. You know, get my huge fan base good and excited so they all tear over to his site when it's finally out. Maybe we could charge admission. ;)


Queen of Sky said...

Boy, I don't know if that is a good thing--being an expert on being single--Caroline :P

-Q of S

El Jefe Maximo said...

Single in Austin? Boy, I was an expert on that for a few years. However, if there is anything I know nothing about, it would be "podcasting."

Candidly Caroline said...

I haven't a clue, either. Shhhhh!!!
I'm also not sure I'm an expert on being single, although I apparently have a knack for doing it well ... ;)

Steven Phenix said...

I actually wanted to interview Caroline first as a writer and for her ability to communicate well. Her single status is secondary but it does fit into the format of our podcast. Every week I try to convince my friend Galia to move to Austin and every week she says "no." When she complians that it's too hot, I interview a lifegaurd at Barton Springs. Now, as a single mom, she's has concerns about meetin eligible men here. So I ran across several of Caroline's post on the subject and thought she could at least tell Galia what the local scene is like. I never meant to label you as an "expert!" Forgive me, please!

Oh, and Ellen, I'd like to interview you, too! I'd like to talk about your book, the situation with your former employer and your experiences here in Quirksville.


Candidly Caroline said...

Gotta say, Steven, that's a little bit of a relief! Being a "Singles Expert" might have had the effect of keeping me a little too single! ;)
Writing, on the other hand - I am perfectly happy to be as much of a writer as anyone will let me!

Steven Phenix said...

Talk to you on Monday! I'm actually writing to you now from the side of the road in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’re here for a wedding and finding an Internet connection, even three months after hurricane Katrina is a bit problematic. I’m in my car at the moment, using the new wireless network that the city of New Orleans launched this week.

Candidly Caroline said...

I heard about that - SWEET!