Saturday, December 31, 2005

Y'all Think I'm Kidding

This is from a discussion in the comments section of my blog (If you're not reading the comments, you're missing out on half the fun!)
I complained because I realized an unintentional consequence of my blog is I will never be able to participate in covert ops for the CIA. Seriously, this was something I had not ruled out for my future, and then, all of the sudden, Boom! An option for my life was terminated. I think it triggered a response in me because it was the first door I really felt was shut for my life, and I did it without even realizing it.
Y'all may think I'm kidding about joining the CIA, but it was definitely something I left open for the future. See, my Mom has CIA "friends." Yes, my Mom. The one who, when we're on the phone, every time says, "Is that my beeper? What do I hit - flash?" ;)

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