Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Media Activities

Well, I had my interview for the Armadillo Podcast yesterday. I think it went pretty well. Steven Phenix, who interviewed me, is very nice. My voice was kind of throaty because of a bad allergy day, but hopefully it won't sound too bad. It should be out within a week for everyone to download. I think quite a lot of people are expected to listen to it.
Tomorrow, I am off to Houston for the launch party for
Texas Family Magazine. (Their web site is undergoing a conversion - I will have a profile and picture when it is finished.) I have stories in their first two issues, and I feel really good about it becoming a successful publication. I think Roger Clemens is going to be at the launch party - they have some sort of affiliation with the Houston Astros.
Otherwise, I haven't even touched my Christmas decorations yet, and I would really like to get to that. With the weather that is coming in, I guess I missed my chance to do it when it is warm. Nothing like figuring out why Rudolph's butt won't turn on in forty degree weather. ;)

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